Executive New Ventures Program


A financial technology focus 

The Executive New Ventures Program is a corporate sponsored program for high-achieving employees to launch new financial technology-based enterprises.

Delivered outside of the work place at the Sydney Startup Hub on York St, CBD Sydney, the specialist fintech startup program provides the opportunity to explore the potential of an idea for future commercial application, with the support and backing of current employers (usually with an interest in the concept). By working with outstanding talent, supported by leading financial and insurance corporations, the Exec NVP de-risks the proof of concept and early commercialisation stage of new fintech ventures for founders by soft-launching the idea in a sponsored and professionally mentored environment.

The Exec NVP concept was developed to fast-track new fintech ventures; effectively allowing for the early discovery and efficient development and funding of ideas that have the potential to impact the global financial services sector (including banking, insurance, payments and investment).

Dates for 2018


Register your interest for the inaugural Exec NVP - open to companies and employees with an interest in financial technology. Convened at Stone & Chalk in CBD Sydney, the program is restricted to 10 participants each intake, and only open to executives sponsored by employers. Applications are reviewed by a panel comprised of venture capital investors, professional advisors and industry experts.


Banks and insurance groups are no longer regarded as an automatic destination of choice for graduates, and some employees are turning to major tech companies as well as to new technology startups. Offering employees access to a specialist new ventures program is a potential value-add for any employer, for recruiting graduates and for retaining talent. Within the financial markets, long working hours and lack of a social life are causing others to follow this trend, creating a rise in voluntary turnover rates. At the same time, financial technology continues to grow in importance across the sector, and is attracting talent from the traditional players.

The Exec NVP is as much about employers attracting and managing talent as it is about promoting new ideas and fostering the growth of new ventures.


Future founders are able to explore an idea and test concepts whilst still working with an employer. Program participants get after hours and weekend access to a purpose-designed fintech hub at Stone & Chalk, with services and advice to help progress thinking and planning. And by maintaining the relationship with employers, founders also get access to industry expertise and a potential customer or project partner. Following a successful 6 month Exec NVP a founder is well positioned to commit to the new venture they are working on.



Sydney: Intake 1 - July 2018


The first Executive New Ventures Program commences in Sydney in July 2018. The program will be convened at Stone & Chalk, the region's leading technology hub, and will provide participants with access to the same work space utilised by hundreds of other fintech founders.

Access to the tech hub and support will be available after hours and on weekends.


The core program is convened over 12 weekends across a 6 month period, and structured around key issues relevant to technology startups at a "proof of concept" and early stage of commercialisation. This includes formal mentoring and expert advisory sessions as well as informal access to the fintech work space and a range of resources.  


Each participant is allocated a single point of contact (Facilitator) at the Exec NVP and within the Sponsoring Employer.  The Facilitator at the Exec NVP works closely with Sponsoring Employers to ensure the value of the program is exploited within the work place. Facilitators also work with the individual participant to ensure they maximise their time across the program.


The management of the Exec NVP include founders with specialist expertise in connecting startups with technical skills, professional advice and venture capital. And the program includes global partners able to contribute in areas as diverse as Human Resource; Technology Services (Hosting, Software, Hardware, Services); and, Support Services (Legal, Professional).

Sydney Startup Hub

The Sydney Startup Hub is a globally significant innovation centre that cements the city's role as Australia's startup capital. It connects people, supports collaboration, attracts investors and ultimately strengthens the startup community – essential for creating a pipeline of future job-creating businesses and sustainable, high-value jobs in New South Wales.

The Sydney Startup Hub offers more than 17,000sqm across 11 floors all under one roof in a convenient CBD location. It accommodates up to 2,500 people and welcomes thousands more in the community and events space, and the Regional Landing Pad. Read more.

Stone & Chalk

Stone & Chalk is an independent, not-for-profit Fintech hub. The hub fosters and accelerate the development of world-leading Fintech start-ups and act as a centre of gravity for the local Fintech eco-system.

Stone & Chalk support the growth of the highest quality Fintech start-ups in Australia, across the full spectrum of the Fintech landscape – payments, peer-to-peer, crowd-funding, automated advice, capital markets and crypto-currencies. Read more.


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